Doc BarhamI used to loathe PR guys. Most PR firms blow hot air up your dress then charge you out the orifice for no results. Then I met Ben Cooke . I’ve worked in Hollywood for nearly 15     years. In the last 2 years my public profile and business has transformed into what I’d always hoped for. Ben Cooke is not only the best PR pro I’ve ever known, he has also become one of the finest people I’ve ever had the blessing to call friend. That said, Ben may not be your guy. If you don’t like working with open-minded, creative, intelligent, funny, hard-working, resourceful, people who are dedicated to being of service to you then STAY AWAY. Otherwise, Ben is the clear choice. www.docbarham.net 





Dan MeyersBen is an outstanding example of one who blends the best of traditional media with the instant response and fluid environment of new media to produce incredible results for his clients.


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