Some Resolutions to Up Your PR Game This Year

Some Resolutions to Up Your PR Game This Year

Some Resolutions to Up Your PR Game This Year

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This is a good time of year to get serious about PR goals. If you’re working with a publicist or PR firm, or have yet to dive into the world of public relations here are some great tips to help maximize your public relations efforts. We kicked off the new year on Business Rockstars by discussing the creation of realistic goals for your public relations efforts this year. Here they are:


  • Create proper goals. Decide appropriate and measurable goals for your public relations activities. Measure outcomes, not output. Good goals include placement in specific media outlets, establishment of specific media relationships, #s of social media followers, rankings for Google keywords, etc.
  • Get collaborative!  PR should be viewed as an integral part of your business. Create a communications strategy that is inclusive and collaborative across all of your departments. The innovations coming out of marketing, social media, sales, customer service, HR, and at the C-level are all opportunities for media stories.
  • Get visual! Words are the typical MO of PR. However, pictures, graphics, and video can be much better at getting a journalist interested in your story. Connecting your visual departments with your PR efforts can greatly improve your results.
  • Be innovative!  Many organizations settle for the occasional press release to update the public on their latest achievements. If you truly want to make a splash in the media however you’re going to need to get creative, take a risk, step outside your comfort zone and you could be handsomely rewarded.
  • Be Prepared for Crisis Accidents happen, be prepared! Customers misuse products, clients have bad experiences. How are you prepared to react if something goes wrong? Make sure you have a plan to connect your executives with attorneys, social media, and customer service to respond promptly and effectively. Decide which channels will be used to respond and make sure spokespersons are trained effectively.

Implementing the above elements into your overall PR plan can greatly improve your results and take your company to the next level.


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