How to Make Sure You’re Succeeding at Getting Publicity

How to Make Sure You’re Succeeding at Getting Publicity

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First an interesting tidbit. The U.S. public relations industry is an estimated $10 billion industry, with more than 7,000 firms in 2013, according to a First Research study. Clearly, there is a demand for public relations and publicity, and as a business owner you have, no doubt, been trying, or at least desire to, get news media attention for your company.

Many companies jump into publicity with a firm expecting the world.  Just because you hire a publicist or PR firm does not mean you will automatically appear on the front page of the NY Times!

Here are a few common guidelines to making sure that you get the most out hiring a PR firm or working with a publicist.

  1. Make sure you’re ready for publicity – Get your story solid enough to tell. Are your financials in order? Are you open for business? Are you changing people’s lives? Conversely, is your infrastructure ready to handle the inquiries generated by press attention?
  2. Check that ego. Your company is your baby, and you most likely believe that you are changing the world, maybe you are, maybe you aren’t. Listen to your PR professional, the good ones will create the steps your company needs to get media attention. Believing your company is good enough or not listening to your PR Pro will set up unreasonable expectations that will inevitably set you on the road to failure.
  3. Collaborate! – Your publicist needs to be a part of your team. Make sure they are a regular part of meetings and they receive internal exposure to your company. I like to tell my clients that there’s really no such thing as TMI, keep the information channels open and communicate often. Too often a company will sign a contract with a PR firm and then go away expecting the world. My best clients often compare me to a fitness trainer for their business, it takes work and discipline to get in the news!

You can listen and see me on Business Rockstars talking about this.

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